Founders Mark Powell CEO and Jeff Johnson COO believed in creating a business that could provide exceptional technical support to the government and industry built upon the knowledge and expertise of its employees and partners. In 2004, they formed ARGO Systems, LLC. To provide these exceptional services to their customers.

Both graduates of the United States Naval Academy, Mark and Jeff combined their experience in research and development, project management and engineering to create a nimble company focused on delivering complete solutions to complex projects with flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs.

ARGO’s early contracts included providing a new community center with a bowling alley and Irish pub in Naples, Italy; field support to NSWC Carderock; a software delivery to Veterans Affairs (VA), and oyster restoration in the Delaware Bay. Over the past decade, ARGO has continued its work at Carderock, maintains a BPA contract with the VA, and has completed three additional oyster restoration projects.

In January 2012, ARGO acquired the assets of the AmDyne Corporation. AmDyne was founded in 1988 and was well respected as an industry leader in Environmental Engineering and services. The acquisition of AmDyne was integral to ARGO’s growth by enhancing quality, experienced personnel, and operational capabilities and their corporate culture fit perfectly with ARGO’s methodologies and business practices.

In 2016, ARGO Systems was acquired by Pantheon, LLC., who’s President Benjamin Carson Jr. , aspires to move the company forward into the new and ever profitable future. Throughout the past 12 years ARGO has enhanced and expanded our service offerings and customer base. We have proven experience working with the Department of Defense and other high profile customers.

ARGO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pantheon, LLC