On Saturday, March 11 2017, members of the ARGO Systems team sponsored and attended The Cabaret for Kids event held by The Children’s Guild of Maryland and Washington D.C.

“Since its founding in 1953, The Children’s Guild has been an innovator in providing services for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and mental disorders. It has grown from a one-room preschool to serving thousands of children and their families, through special education and charter schools, school-based mental health services, treatment foster care, group care, and training and consultation.”- childrensguild.org

The event held on March 11 serves to raise money and community support for the continued success of The Children’s Guild Mission. This year’s theme “The Power Behind the Power” honored Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) President and COO Steve Woerner.

To learn more about The Children’s Guild and the Cabaret for Kids event please visit their website www.childrensguild.org