ARGO provides expertise in alternative and renewable energy, grid isolation/reduction technology, continuous energy, critical power, and energy conservation solutions:

  • Employ Commercial Best Practices – Comprised of energy industry leaders and offers commercial best practices and “best in class” expertise in renewable energy generation and energy conservation technologies.
  • Unmatched Cost Savings – ARGO continuously saves our clients millions of dollars in energy costs through our proven Quality Assurance and Task Order execution processes.
  • Capable and Qualified to Search out Energy Costs Savings Potentials. Our core competency includes energy audits, feasibility studies, economic analysis and life cycle cost analysis. We also are able to develop procedures, courses of action, repairs or changes in equipment to lower energy cost
  • Experience with Critical Power Systems – We have the experience to identify, design, and manage a wide array of energy projects and equipment including: Diesel Engines, Fuel Tanks, Electrical Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Battery Systems, Distribution Systems, Cabling, Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC), Ventilation, Critical Power Control Systems and Critical Power Protective Equipment.


Energy Service Offerings

  • A&E Design Services for Energy Conservation and Electrical / Mechanical Upgrades
  • Design, Build, Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Electrical System Replacement, Renovation, Upgrades, Modification and Minor Construction.
  • Replacement of Substations Including Replacement of 13.8kV Feeders, and Upgrades to Switchboards and Distribution Systems
  • Evaluations of Alternative Power Sources and Critical Systems to Accommodate Stringent Mission Critical Operational Requirements
  • Monitoring, Control, SCADA and Alarm Systems Replacement, Renovation, Modification and Minor Construction Projects

Commissioning Services

  • Total Building Commissioning
  • Healthcare Commissioning
  • Data Center Commissioning
  • LEED® and Green Globes® Commissioning
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Design Assistance / Design Review
  • Life Cycle Costing Analysis
  • Factory Witness Testing

Bloom Energy Fuel Cell System – Green Machine

$24 million project to fully design, build and operate a Bloom Energy Fuel Cell System


Maryland Procurement Office B5B Substation Replacement

Substation Replacement


NAVFAC Critical Power Support Services Worldwide

Critical utilities and equipment, may include air-conditioning, ventilation and heating, transformers...