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P3111 Replacement of Bulk Fuel Storage, Pumphouse and Transfer Line Design

Construction Cost: $960,000

Type of Project: Engineering

Project Location: Andrews Air Force Base, Prince George's County, Maryland

Project Owner: NAVFAC Washington


Under the NAVFAC General Environmental Contract, ARGO was tasked to provide the 35% and 100% designs for this MILCON project at Andrews Air Force Base. This was a design-bid-build project. The project involved the development of design drawings and specification documents to replace the existing fuel storage tank, pumphouse and transfer line and other associated utilities and site improvement. The new tank shall be in the capacity as a minimum of 10,000 BBL bulk fuel storage tank. The new pumphouse shall have three 600GPM pumps, filter separators, PIG launcher/receiver, long radius curves, high/low point drains, emergency generator and associated supporting utilities. The new transfer line shall replace the existing line with 8-inch 10,600 linear feet line to the west side of the flight line on the Base. The new fuel line shall have a fuel transfer rate compatible with the new hydrant system. The all above shall comply with all safety and environmental guidelines for spill containment, leak detection, cathodic protection, with low or easy maintenance design consideration


ARGO along with subcontractor Pond & Company Engineering conducted a design charette, topographic survey, utility survey, geotechnical investigation, environmental considerations, preliminary stormwater management design, preliminary civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design. The 100% design was submitted in March 2010. ARGO engineers designed the stormwater plan for the new pumphouse and bulk fuel storage area. After completing the topographic survey, the stormwater site design was completed to the new 2010 Maryland stormwater standards, and the stormwater and sediment and erosion control permit application were submitted. ARGO is also assisting Andrews Air Force Base in acquiring a wetlands-permit for the installation of the pipeline after a recent wetlands survey designated much of the runway area as wetlands.

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