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Prototype Fuel Cell Solution - Green Machine

Construction Cost: $24,000,000

Type of Project: Design-Build 

Project Location: Fort Meade, MD

Project Owner: NSA


ARGO was awarded a $24 million design-build-operate-maintain contract with the Maryland Procurement Office for a Prototype Fuel Cell Solution in a mission-critical environment. The fuel cell units will operate at a base load on a 24/7 basis for three years before operation turnover to the Government. The project is meant to support the Department of Defense's (DOD) stated mission to reduce energy costs, decrease reliance on foreign oil, ensure energy security, and achieve sustainability goals.

The 9,000 SF project site includes nine separate energy server units (approximately 25' x 8' each) manufactured by Bloom Energy and placed on concrete pads which together are designed to provide reliable 1.6 MW, 480V stepped up to 13.8 KV alternate power source for the facility, along with accompanying transformers, switchgear, water deionizing modules and operations office. The fuel cells are designed to generate power on-site, eliminating the need for critical electrical transmission from the grid. They provide reliable power, eliminate the need for costly backup infrastructure, and reduce carbon emissions at the facility. Coordination between SCADA with the existing control system infrastructure of the campus and the on-site operations office was integral to the successful operation of the systems. 

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