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Stormwater Management, Environmental Reporting,
and Environmental Training

Type of Project: Engineering 

Project Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Project Owner: Maryland Transit Administration


ARGO is a subcontractor to CH2M-Hill to provide environmental engineering and safety support services to the MTA’s Office of Safety, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management. ARGO is providing stormwater management, environmental monitoring, and environmental training.   The Stormwater Management tasks include stormwater facility inspection, mapping, and marking and investigations of illicit discharge at MTA facilities. ARGO has conducted illicit discharge investigations to determine the source of dry-weather flow. Source identification was accomplished using stormwater sampling, CCTV, or other appropriate methods. ARGO staff updated the stormwater structure database with data collected during the investigations and inspections.  Additional tasks include placarding and stenciling of stormwater structures to indicate “Chesapeake Bay Drainage – Do Not Dump”. 


Task Order 1 included compliance audits, dry weather flow investigations, placarding and stenciling, and training.  ARGO staff has provided training for MTA personnel as part of the agency’s Environmental Management System (EMS).  Training sessions included environmental awareness training for Primary and Secondary Environmental Coordinators.  Instructors’ responsibilities included review and preparation of course materials, revision to ensure materials are up-to-date and correct, course instruction, and post-instruction evaluation of “lessons learned”.  Date: Through December 31, 2010. Classes varied in length and number of attendees – ranging from 1 hour to 16 hours and up to 800 trainees.  Task Order 3 includes environmental support and dry weather flow investigations for five MTA sites in Baltimore, MD.  The sites include North Avenue Light Rail Facility, Washington Boulevard Bus Facility, and North West Bus Maintenance Facility. In order to investigate the source of dry weather flow, ARGO is conducting illicit discharge investigations including dye studies, sampling, and CCTV.


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