ARGO managed an individual construction contractor close out schedule with the C4ISR Integration Schedule to ensure each construction contract red zone milestone supports the overall C4ISR occupancy schedule. We also developed a contract closeout schedule identifying milestones for each item on the Red Zone checklists. We coordinated integration of the red zone schedule into the milestones on the C4ISR Integration Schedule maintained by Scheduling Contractor. ARGO monitored each construction contractor’s milestones to ensure minimal impact upon the Integration Schedule. In addition, we identified individual Red Zone milestone impacts upon the integration Schedule and recommend remedial actions and coordinate mitigation efforts with all parties involved to include construction contractor, USACE Resident/Project Engineer, C4ISR team members, and the Scheduling Contractor. Each Red Zone milestone schedule was prepared in PRIMAVERA for 12 construction contracts.

ARGO engaged construction contractors in discussions to ensure contractors comprehend proper closeout procedures and implementation of USACE Project Closeout Business Process prior to the IRZM. We also ensured that contractors submitted IAW the closeout schedule complete commissioning plans for all building systems as required by each construction contract. ARGO coordinated with USACE personnel and construction contractors to ensure all commissioning plans were identified IAW specifications and industry standards.

ARGO ensured operation and maintenance requirements were properly addressed in design documents to include; systems and equipment startup, testing and balancing, training, operation and maintenance manuals, and other project record documentation as required by the previously cited references. We also ensured that each contractor allocated sufficient time to perform proper TAB and Cx of HVAC systems IAW USACE Engineering and Construction Bulletin 2005-10. ARGO monitored the contractor’s sequence of mechanical systems testing as well as ensured NES requirements for HVAC TAB were identified properly and timely to support the established BOD. Our Team assisted USACE personnel in preparing documents for proper turn over and acceptance to the DPW.

We developed requirements for record drawings and assisted construction teams with the review of the documents during construction and provided oversight for the turnover of marked-up project drawings. Our Team developed requirements for, and assisted construction teams in, assuring adequacy of O&M manuals, warranties, training, attic stock, etc. provided by construction contractors and/or consultants through the building start-up process.

In addition, ARGO assisted the USACE onsite Program Manager and Resident Engineer (RE) in coordinating with the Contractors, the DPW, C4ISR personnel, and other participants to schedule the Initial Red Zone Meetings (IRZM). The IRZM was conducted at approximately 80% of project completion, but not less than 75 days prior to the scheduled Beneficial Occupancy Date (BOD). We prepared meeting minutes for each IRZM and disseminated them to participants, tracked pending actions, and reported the status of pending actions at the next IRZM.

Our Team prepared the Transfer and Acceptance of Real Property DD Form 1354 for each construction contract and partial turn over’s. We also identified and entered the property data (e.g. category codes, quantities, and costs) in RMS for Interim and BOD DD Form 1354’s. Our Team engaged in discussions with the Real Property Accountable Officer (RPAO) to coordinate Facility Numbers and transfer of each 1354, approximately 20 1354’s.

ARGO ensured that contractors submitted IAW the closeout schedule, a complete Warranty Plan for all building systems as required by each construction contract. We coordinated with USACE personnel and construction contractors to ensure all Warranty Plan were identified IAW specifications and industry standards. In addition, we assisted USACE personnel establish a Memorandum of Understanding with the Garrison DPW to implement Warranty Procedures and further assisted USACE RE/PE establish 4, 9 and 12-month warranty inspection schedules for each contract and enter into RMS, approximately 14 schedules.