Client Agency: Bloom Energy

Contract Value: $24,000,000.00

ARGO received an award for a $24 million project to fully design, build and operate a Bloom Energy Fuel Cell System. This project was located at a secure area on the Ft. Meade, MD campus. This project encompassed all elements of engineering design: electrical, mechanical, structural, civil and environmental. This design and construction was completed and this system has been providing power for a DoD high performance computing center for the past three years. The project site of approximately 9,000 SF includes nine separate energy server units (approximately 25’ x 8’ each) manufactured by Bloom Energy on concrete pads which together are designed to provide 1.6 mW, 480V stepped up to 13.8 KV alternate power source for the facility 24/7, along with accompanying transformers, switch gear, water deionizing modules and operations office. Coordination between SCADA with the existing control system infrastructure of the campus and the on-site operations office is integral to the successful operation of the system. All Maryland Department of Environment permit requirements were met.