Client Agency: NAVFAC EXWC

Design Build Value: $12M

The focus of this report was to determine vulnerabilities of the facility as it pertains to the mission critical electrical power systems in the facility and the precision cooling system capacities that are located within each of the data processing spaces that support the mission. The electrical system is also being evaluated for the feasibility of creating a 100 % redundant electrical distribution system for mission critical loads at the server rack level by providing dual circuiting for mission critical data processing and telecommunication equipment. In order to accomplish this, equipment must be fed from two separate UPS sources. The equipment and systems being surveyed are the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), generators, electrical distribution equipment, precision cooling units, paralleling switch gear equipment, branch circuits, and equipment racks located in several spaces. The system will be evaluated on its present load configuration, possible future load configuration, age of equipment, single points of failure, and recommendation to improve reliability, redundancy and capacity.