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The demand for Public Utilities will always exist in order to bring the resources necessary to service the needs of the people on a daily basis. ARGO is committed to providing the skill sets needed to ensure those utilities can be available wherever and whenever the need for them may arise. ARGO’s experience in Public Utility Construction includes:

  • High Voltage Duct Banks

  • Hydro Directional Drilling | HDD

  • Substation and Transformer Installation

  • Underground Distribution Systems

  • Drilled Pier and Cast in Place Concrete

  • Paving and Site Work

  • Storm Water Management Systems

  • Design Build - Physical Security Systems

Task Orders in excess of $100 Million since September 2015
Master Service Agreement


ARGO Electrical Group Leadership were approached to construct and build numerous Tesla Supercharging Stations
throughout the Country.

  • Utility Service Range from 500KVA - 2000KVA with 480 Volt Secondary Voltage

  • Installation of Auto-Transformers to Correct Voltage fluctuations and Meet Limited Tolerances

  • 10 Supercharging Stations were Constructed during an 8 Month Span

  • 8-20 EV Charging Stations Per Site | 4-10 Supercharging Stations Per Site

  • Installation of New Utility Company Per Site


Our environmental services and energy efficiency solutions help our clients to achieve compliance and eliminate
risks while protecting the natural environment. Our extensive capabilities provide our clients with a
single source for global and environmental needs, which include:


  • Sustainable Storm Water Construction

  • Ecosystem Restoration

  • Levees and Flood Control

  • Low Impact Design

  • Oyster Restoration and Beach Nourishment 

  • Design-Build Projects

  • Compliance and Environmental Audits

  • Permitting and Monitoring

  • Testing, Reporting and Investigation Services 

  • Water Treatment Studies

  • Geographical Information Systems Mapping

  • Environmental Management System Surveys

  • Environmental Database Management


An important tool for modern businesses, High-Density Data Centers offer efficiency and cost savings
that help businesses thrive in competitive environments. ARGO offers many solutions for such a need.


  • Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions

  • Critical Power Support Services

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies | UPS

  • Engineering Support Services

  • Construction and Logistics Experience

  • Data Center Commissioning

  • Design - Build and Operations Support

  • Portable Data Centers

  • Physical Security and Access Control

  • Computer Room Air Conditioning | CRAC

  • Electrical and Critical Infrastructure Support

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities | SCIF


Physical Security has become an integral aspect of any project. ARGO understands the importance of these components, therefore, the focus of our business has shifted to adapt to the changing market. Utilizing our extensive experience and vast array of personnel expertise, ARGO incorporates these security measures and practices into every project ensuring the
greatest value to the customer.



  • Design-Build – Physical Security Systems

  • Physical Security Upgrades

  • Installation of New Security Equipment

  • Access Controls

  • Installation of Conduit, Power, Control and Communication Cable

  • Fencing and Concrete Barriers

  • Safety Glass


ARGO’s extensive Airport Construction experience showcases a portfolio specializing in building, expanding and modernizing airports’ immediate needs well as the needs of the future.

  • Construction Management

  • Inspections

  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance Activities

  • Environmental Engineering Services

  • Planning Manuals

  • Energy Services

  • Utility Upgrades

  • Program Management Support

  • New Construction

  • Renovations

  • Taxiway Rehabilitation


ARGO Systems offers a wide variety of professional services and solutions to meet our customer’s most demanding needs.
Innovation and technology drive our specialty construction projects allowing our customers to benefit from our unique
contracting strategies. Some of our Special Projects include:

  • Dell Help Desk

  • Italy Bowling Alley

  • US Naval Academy Hall of Fame

  • Turf Athletic Fields – Anne Arundel County, Maryland


As our global population steadily rises, the environmental impacts of our resource consumption increases rapidly, pushing our existing infrastructure to its limits. There is now a greater demand than ever for new and replacement infrastructure to meet
our nation’s growing demands. ARGO’s team is prepared to handle the challenge with experience in several demanding areas:


  • Road Repavement

  • Road Inspection Services

  • Road Repair

  • Construction Inspection Services for Highways

  • Vehicle Control Points

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