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Replace Electrical Distribution in MRI Building

Construction Cost: $857,000

Type of Project: Firm Fixed Price

Project Location: Gainesville, Florida

Project Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs


Completely prepared the site for new electrical equipment and MV switchgear. Replaced electrical distribution to the new MRI Building. Provided new Electrical Distribution and switchgear with provisions to serve the Fisher House and the MRI facility. Work included but was not limited to all general construction, alterations, new waterproof electrical switchgear, and enclosure feeders, concrete encased ductbank and directional drilled primary services as follows:


  • Provided new medium voltage switchgear sections onto existing Switchboards SG1-N and SG1-S, including relays, lightning arrestors, and air interrupter switch. 

  • MH5 back to MH2. manholesExtended new 15KV feeders through existing underground duct bank, through the exterior, NEMA 3R grade mounted switchgear.  new

  • From MH2, routed new duct bank and feeders to

  • Provided a new standby generator, WP enclosure, and skid mounted fuel tank, with associated controls, battery charger, and batteries. 

  • Provided 208V UG feeder to existing pull box, for the Fisher House. 

  • Provided 480V UG feeder to service existing MRI facility.



ARGO currently has a nationwide IDIQ contract with the VA providing enhanced construction services at various VA hospitals. Such services include cost estimates, construction schedule evaluations, change order management, risk analyses, and resource allocation for new facility construction and existing facility renovation, maintenance and repair, facility alteration, and final facility build-outs and fit-ups.

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