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Building 10 H- and J-Wing Renovations (Task Order 40)

Construction Cost: $1,700,000


The construction requires a sequenced approach; completing J-Wing renovations first in order to accommodate vacating the H-Wing spaces so that construction can proceed in H-Wing. The full reconstruction of this lab space required a detailed phasing effort to accommodate the needs of NIH. We worked closely with the end-users, NIH and our design partner to develop an optimal phasing scenario that addressed NIH’s moveout of the J-Wing areas and the requisite de-commission/
abatement of the area of existing hazardous materials. Once those phases were complete, ARGO mobilizes to the site and began demolition to reconfigure the spaces. ARGO progressed with the reconstruction which included new building systems, finishes, walls and doors – a full-scale renovation. The project is currently finishing the closeout phase to provide NIH CAD As-Built documentation, O&M manuals, construction records and documentation, and warranties.

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